Commercial Interiors

“All space is space in which to create- Eric Maisel”.

We provide exceptional designs to commercial spaces. You can use various range of furnitures to enhance the appearance of your interiors. The presentation is all crucial and we can assist you to develop a calm environment and great visual entertainment. A comprehensive spectrum of chairs, tables, and lounges in modern furniture and classical genre are on offer, to create the ideal look that will make your space stand out.
Lakdi offers solutions for the right furniture for Government Bodies like Airport, Railway Stations, Metro Stations, Bus Stops and Many More. We make sure need to see the spaces dressed for best effect, as the prime attraction is your furniture and the overall environment of working.

Government Sectors like Airport, Railway Stations, Metro Stations, Bus Stops and Many More:

These government bodies need enough room to roam and accommodate large crowd while keeping security intact. We ensure every aspect is met properly.

Malls/ Shopping Centers:

Space is designed in such a way that while people buy products or enjoy the movie, the others can enjoy food and roam around to do window shopping as well. We keep it in mind and design furniture accordingly so that it should be a great experience for everyone.


Good sound, proper sitting plan and entry and exit routes ready for any situation are the main aims while designing auditorium furniture.

Multiplex/Cinema Halls:

Good seats, enough leg room, and easy access are the main priority points while designing furniture in Multiplex and Cinema Halls.

Lakdi is one of the most commendable companies to turn to because of the efficient and professional furniture solutions.

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