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“Our speciality is to import international standard goods.”

With the advent of internet and globalisation during the past decade, the World economy has opened its doors like never before. Seating in the comfort of your home, you can view products from some far-fetched country half-way across the world.  As it happens, most often than not, importing home furniture or commercial furniture can be more beneficial than sourcing it locally. We at Lakdi, are fully equipped and ready to help you import any product from anywhere in the world. With our highly optimized process and years of experience, you can be rest assured of the best products at competitive costs. Using our trusted source of suppliers, we negotiate best prices and ensure on-time delivery of your products. When it comes to interior designs, one should accept that West is far better evolved than us. So, the most recent trends that are currently present there may take a few months to years to reach India. By importing these products, you can get trendy items that are best-suited for your requirement, but not yet available in your country. While the benefits of importing are clearly evident, importing is not a simple process, especially, if you are not a seasoned importer.  If you wish there were some way that you can get your hands on that product.  Well, there is an easy way. Our expert professional team would be happy to assist you on this.

Our Specialities

  • Legacy of a three decade old company involved in import services.
  • Strong supply chain management network & excellent service provider.
  • Supply of supreme quality imported furniture across the globe.
  • Engaged in long term relationships with global suppliers and manufactures.
  • Specialized QC team for quality inspection and assurance
  • Largest distributor of imported furniture in Delhi NCR
  • Specialist in interiors and furniture customization
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